About Kristin’s radio show “Second Vision”…

Kristin hosts her own radio show “Second Vision” which provides an entertaining and life-changing message, with topics that are motivational and inspirational.

Her show is consistently one of the highest rated podcasts on AIRS-LA: Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles. It rated number one out of 4,000 podcasts earlier this year, in competition with the New Yorker magazine and Oprah. Since it is web based, her radio show is accessible from anywhere in the world and its message applies to everyone, not just the visually impaired. Kristin’s sharp wit and wicked sense of humor entertain as well as inspire.

Kristin has conducted interviews with a wide variety of experts in the following areas: dating (including dating with a disability), nutrition and fitness, yoga, martial arts, spiritual healing, vision rehabilitation and stem cell research. Additionally, some of her guests have shared dramatic stories of overcoming monumental obstacles. Past guests include actor/speaker/author Tom Sullivan, Wealth Strategist/speaker Chris Howard, actress/author Terry Moore, actress/author Barbara Niven and many other unsung heroes.


How to listen to “Second Vision”…

Click on this link to find her “Second Vision” show page and listen online.

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