Kristin Macdonald Bio

Kristin is a radio host, an inspirational speaker, and the creator of “Second Vision”, a system she designed to help people devise a new plan for their lives when their first one fails. She assists people to let go of what they can’t change and make the most of what they can change.

“Second Vision” is based on The Triple A’s: Acceptance, Appreciation, and Action. Kristin applies the word “vision” to every aspect of a person’s inner spirit in order to help them manifest their dreams.

Kristin is uniquely qualified to help others, as her story is one of triumph over adversity. At age 29 she was pursuing her vision of becoming an actress and a host in Hollywood. But after breaking her arm for the second time due to her failing night vision, she learned her eyesight was slowly degenerating from a condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Despite the odds, Kristin went on to work with some of the top people in Hollywood as an associate producer and production coordinator on numerous television shows. She also worked for 12 years with the legendary E. Duke Vincent, Aaron Spelling’s partner and Vice Chair of Spelling Entertainment.

Kristin refers to herself as partially sighted, and says that although her eyesight is poor, her vision is perfect! She is a powerful motivational speaker, sharing her success strategies and inspiration to audiences across the country. Her talks are full of heart, humor and Hollywood tidbits, and people are inspired to live their most amazing lives, no matter who they are or where they come from.

She also hosts her own radio show “Second Vision,” which is consistently rated in the top five among hundreds of podcasts. It ranked number one earlier this year, in competition with The New Yorker magazine and Oprah. It broadcasts from and provides an entertaining and life changing message with topics that are motivational and inspirational. Since it is web based, her radio show is accessible from anywhere in the world and its message applies to everyone, not just the visually impaired.

On her show, she has conducted interviews with a wide variety of experts in the following areas: dating and dating with a disability, nutrition and fitness, yoga, martial arts, spiritual healing, vision rehabilitation and stem cell research. Additionally, some of her guests have shared dramatic stories of overcoming monumental obstacles. Past guests include actor/author Tom Sullivan, actor/author Terry Moore and many other unsung heroes.

Kristin sits on the Board of Directors for, the first internet radio service for the blind and visually impaired. She works with many non-profits such as the Foundation Fighting Blindness, California Council of the Blind, and the annual Hope in Sight gala given by the Center for the Partially Sighted. She is an active fund-raiser for various charities and has raised over seventy thousand dollars in her spare time. She is also an entertaining Emcee with a wicked sense of humor, and has hosted many galas.

Her hobbies include horseback riding, yoga, salsa dancing and marathon walks on the beach.