Here is what people are saying about this extraordinary woman:

“It was truly wonderful to meet you, you have a remarkable speaking gift, touching everyone in the room – and there were a few thousand people there!”

Sally Temple PhD
Scientific Director
Neural Stem Cell Institute
President of ISSCR

“We were honored to have Kristin Macdonald, host and creator of “Second Vision,” join us as our guest speaker for Success Education Colleges Commencement in the Fall of October 2014, sharing with our students, faculty and Leadership Team her triumphs over personal adversity, as she set out into the world to pursue her passion in Hollywood.

Kristin’s humor, success strategies and inspirational stories truly resonated with our graduates as they prepare for their life long vision for success! We truly enjoyed Kristin’s radiant personality and genuine attitude of “living your life from a place of positivity” and a great attitude each and every day!

We are grateful for people like Kristin who motivate and inspire all of us, to envision an enriching life no matter what adversities life may present along the way, because every day is a beautiful day!”

Mitchell Fuerst
Success Education Colleges

“Commanding Officer Region Legal Service Office Southwest presents this certificate of appreciation to Kristin Macdonald for leading our Women’s History Month celebration and sharing her extraordinary life accomplishments with the men and women of Region Legal Service Office Southwest. Kristin’s inspirational message, motivational guidance and life skills workshop made an enduring impression on the Sailors and Officers of this command. The tools she left us with will no doubt have a lasting and positive impact in our careers and personal lives. We thank Kristin for taking the time out of her personal schedule to meet and talk with us. The men and women of the United States Navy can look to Kristin as a source of inspiration.”

Presented this 28th day of March 2014.

David M. Harrison

“As a member of the Junior League of Los Angeles I was faced with the daunting task of booking an amazing speaker for one of our programs, called Daybreak. Kristin Macdonald was eager to come on board to speak to these women, who are homeless and victims of abuse/mental illness/financial problems. Her words of truth and encouragement really hit home for many of the women and there was not a dry eye in the place. Once the evening commenced, all the women walked out in silence, still processing the intense emotions that Kristen was able to surface in each and every one of them. Kristin MacDonald comes HIGHLY recommended and her outlook on life is absolutely contagious. Second Vision will inspire even the most emotionally-numb individuals to want more out of life.”

Clark Gilmer
Junior League of Los Angeles

“Kristin Macdonald is a great speaker and a powerful motivator. Her words and her teachings are a gift to the universe. I learned so much from her workshop about how anyone can have a great life with the right attitude. She is a beautiful person both inside and out.”

Frank Ramirez
President, The Americas Group
National Director of Governmental Affairs,
National American Indian Veterans Inc.

“When you get Kristin MacDonald (as a speaker, or motivational coach), you get more — much more — than you expect (especially in terms of value and results). We were very fortunate to have Kristin MacDonald as a guest speaker for our Lunch & Learn session. The topic of the one hour session was ‘Second Vision: Living Your Life with Your Three Best Attitudes.’ She is everything you want a guest speaker to be: great at holding the interest of the audience, humorous in her deliver of the information, interactive, and she welcomed questions. The staff were completely engaged by Kristin and after the session surrounded her to ask further questions. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a speaker for any organization. Thank you Kristin for sharing your story. You are such an inspiration and role model.”