Hi everyone! Welcome to my website. I hope it will empower you to create the vision of your dreams. Remember, there’s no limit to what we can create. Limitations only exist in our mind!

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On my Photos page, you’ll find photo ops from events where I was speaking or hosting.

In my Video section you’ll see me on horseback, because even with my limited vision, riding is still one of my favorite passions. Let nothing stop you from living your own dreams!

If you’re looking for a Speaker, Emcee, Host or Auctioneer, please email me for more information. You can watch my Video Demo in my Speaker Info section, and then check out my Testimonials.

I’d love to hear from you regarding your own Second Vision stories, so please email them to me at Stories @ secondvision.net. Email me too if you’d like to submit a potential guest for my radio show. You can also visit me on Facebook.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve learned from creating a Second Vision is that being present in the moment is the key to happiness. Remember…no matter who you are, where you come from or what obstacle you are facing…don’t let anything stop you from living your own perfect vision and most amazing life!

Now Available in the Products section!
Second Vision: An Interactive Journal by Kristin Macdonald

Kristin has created a new system called “Second Vision.” The system helps people devise a new plan for their lives when their first one fails. This Interactive Journal will walk you step-by-step through Acceptance, Appreciation, and Action to help you map out your new life and then inspire you to make it happen! Click here to order!

What people are saying about Kristin and her “An Interactive Journal” …
“Kristin Macdonald is a natural wonder, with a unique clarity about the human condition. Her journal is a must read for anyone who is truly ready for a genuine breakthrough.”
– Tom Sullivan, actor, author and motivational speaker.


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Kristin Macdonald speaks for various non profits and other organizations. All proceeds go to charity.